Lost Core of the Underworld is a text-based role-playing adventure game with combat, riddles, puzzles, multiple endings and a unique exotic world. Explore a large range of environments starting from an inn's cellar to thermoelectric generators at the planet's core, and fight enemies ranging from giant rats to angels in this 6000+ word story.

The Underworld has been discovered under the city of Aerilon. Adventurers from throughout the Demon Lands come in search of riches from the old world, remnants from when technology and science ruled mankind's dreams and radiation storms and undead hordes were not common worries. However, the Underworld also holds the key to secrets long forgotten, secrets many seek to retrieve at any cost. When you receive an assignment that grants you a permit to explore the underworld and obtain its riches, you are drawn into a battle that will determine the future of all mankind.

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GenreInteractive Fiction, Role Playing
TagsLudum Dare 48, Twine
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