Lost Core of the Underworld: Post-Competition Update

The post-competition update for Lost Core of the Underworld is here, bringing music and artwork to the game!

Enjoy a tabletop RPG-like CYOA book with combat, riddles and exploration; try Lost Core of the Underworld today!


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Jun 12, 2021

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Hello! I fought two battles and did not get past guardswoman, but I like this game so far. 

The world seems to combine fantasy and technology. Set in apocalyptic world, where the main character is one of the surviving "demons" in human world after a war of countries using robots and etc. We need to get out into the destroyed world and complete tasks. There are combat to do, riddles to solve, and lore to read.

I am still trying to understand the combat system based on stamina. It looks like you have to conserve some stamina but deal as much damage as you can. But the enemies do not have health meters. Moreover, we have to pay attention to their actions, are they going to defend, provoke for attack, or attack you.

I think it resembles IF games like Black Knife Dungeon, Archipelago 4*4. But the combat was easier there, even though in the second game you could stumble upon enemies which you can't defeat at the moment, but you could quit combat using special items. In the first game, yes, the enemies were becoming tougher as you went further. 

I am also developing a small game by myself in Twine. So I understand how it can be difficult to make interesting but leveled combat. How smn said: "Easy to learn, hard to master."

Overall, a good game, but a bit strange combat for beginner players.