Vesselforge is a procedural starship generator with multiple settings for altering generation options.


  • 98 different ship parts,
  • Automatic engine and gun placements that can be disabled,
  • Different visual styles for the generated ships,
  • Multiple color schemes for the ships,
  • Generation options for simple spacecrafts or larger, more complex vessels,
  • Different backgrounds for testing or exporting the generated ships.

Vesselforge is under active development and new features for different ship designs are under consideration. Suggestions are welcome!


Vesselforge 1.1 7 MB

Development log


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Exporting Ships doesn't seem to work, but it is a nice idea :D

Ship export will automatically save a file on the downloadable version. Unfortunately, there is no real fix for the browser version due to how browsers work with canvas objects; Vesselforge will instead create a screen for you to manually take a screenshot using the Print Screen button. Despite this limitation, I thought that an HTML5 version would nonetheless be useful.

Ohhhhh, perfect then! Great work