Soulcursed is a 3D, open-world mini-RPG about a souldevouring adventurer seeking vengeance and their wizard-cat companion.

Soulcursed was developed in a two-day period for Kenney Jam 2020, and enhanced afterwards.

Soulcursed is in development and I hope to eventually turn it into a fully-fledged open world adventure about going from a nameless adventurer to a world-renowned hero. Nonetheless, the Jam version is a complete game you can play from start to end!


  • 10 areas spanning forests, inns, dungeons and keeps.
  • Open world gameplay with lots of souls to find and devour!
  • 30+ weapons, armor and items to acquire.

How to Play:

Cursor keys to move, Z/X to interact. Z is 'Act', 'X' is 'Back' or 'Open Menu'. Additional instructions are given in the game.

Install instructions

Download and Install Instructions:

Unpack the .zip file and open the .exe to play the game!


Soulcursed: Kenney Jam 2020 Edition 49 MB


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I love this game and it's presentation.  I am currently playing it and uploading my gameplay, and showering it with praise.  Very, very good job on this.  I'll check back for updates!